Winterfell Servers



Winterfell server supports latest Xeon processor from Intel based on Haswell-E core. This processor is available in very various configurations from 4 cores up to 18 cores, allowing massive flexibility in system setup. It is perfectly suitable for Cloud systems as well as bare metal configuration. It does include a DDR4 memory controller with 4 banks, which is bringing its memory bandwidth up to 59 GB/s per socket while keeping it’s power request into a reasonnable envelop.

Winterfell servers are limited to 95W power envelop CPU as to keep cooling efficient.

DDR4 is the latest step in memory development. It is clocked at a faster speed than DDR3, can reach an higher density and does request up to 30% less energy than DDR3 by reducing voltage up to 1.2V. Winterfell server support DDR4 buffered DIMM with ECC. Each CPU socket must be equipped with the same DIMM type even if non ECC is supported on Xeon processor we do not recommend this setup in server environment. The setup is performed by pair DIMM.

Winterfell servers are designed to run in free cooling environment. With the proper setup (humidity control), they can run up to 30C degres inlet temperature which is lowering stress on air conditionning system, improve energy efficiency from the global solution and allows to save money.

Winterfell servers are contributed to the Open Compute Project by Facebook. They are the servers that are used on a daily bases by Facebook to maintain and make run the social network service that you like. While looking proprietary solutions, there release under OCP license protect your investment by allowing any ODM companies to produce compatible products. They are fully compliant with Open Rack and easy to maintain as they do not contain any AC/DC transformer which are root cause of failure. There cabling is simplified by a front access to the I/O board, and there replacement can be performed through hot plug operation into the sled.

Winterfell servers support the following:

  • Up to 2 Xeon v3
  • Up to 16 DDR4 DIMM LV or not. All DIMM must be the same type per CPU socket. If only 1 CPU is present the unpopulated socket DIMM are not configurable and the server is limited to 8 DIMMs
  • 2 PCI-e x8 half size for I/O expansion (Network interconnect / Storage card ). Please not that on the left diagram that 1 slot is allocated to an LSI I/O controller card
  • An integrated Intel C602 chipset with software RAID support (RAID 0/1)
  • An OCP Mezzanine card slot of I/O expansion (mostly networking).
  • An IPMI interface compliant with IPMI 1.2 for remote management the IPMI card can share ethernet connection from the OCP Mezzanine expansion card if one is present.
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