Winterfell servers are the basic building block of major Internet service provider like Facebook social network

Starting at 2498 $US excluded VAT


Winterfell Servers are a 2OU – 1/3 line size (3 servers can fit into 2OU). Server proposed in our Compute building blocks are based on the brand new Intel Xeon  2620v4 processor which does include and support:

  • 8 Compute cores
  • 20MB L2 cache
  • Up to 3Ghz Turbo mode and 2.4Ghz standard clock
  • ECC registered DDR4 memory module
  • A reasonable power envelop of 85W

Our Winterfell configuration can support up to 512 GB of latest DDr4 memory . Our Compute building block includes

  • A dual port 10Gbps  Mezzanine board
  • An M2 128GB SSD drive
  • an IPMI interface bridge on the Mellanox board


64 GB Main memory

  • 2 CPU – Xeon2620v4
  • 64 GB ECC DDR4 Memory
  • Up to 80 VM which are compute intensive
  • dual port 10Gbps  Mezzanine board
  • x1 128 GB of SSD/M2  storage

128 GB main memory

  • 2 CPU Xeon 2620v4
  • Up to 150 VM with 1GB VMem allocation
  • High speed network bandwidth
  • dual port 10Gbps  Mezzanine board
  • 960 GB of SSD/M2 for storage

512 GB Main memory

  • 2 CPU Xeon 2620v4
  • Huge amount of memory for memory intensive applications
  • dual port 10Gbps  Mezzanine board
  • x1 960 GB of SSD for storage

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