Part of Our Team

Here we are, at the least the oldest one of the company !

Jean-Marie Verdun

President, CEO, passionate by technology and efficiency Jean-Marie has participated to the expansion of major IT technologies during the past 20 years including the Alpha chip, highly parallel scientific clusters and free software.

  • System architecture 90%
  • Linux 70%
  • Physics 30%

Jean-Jacques Chanut

Lead Industrial Designer After 6 years working at SDS, JJ is now a great designer, mechanical and thermal engineer ;)

  • SolidWorks 85%
  • FloTherm 70%
  • Photoshop 100%

Francois Bandet

Test engineer, Francois is testing everything that he can and which is required. With a 20 years experienced in this area he is able to route cause hardware issue as to support hardware engineering effort.

  • Geek 100%
  • Football fan 70%
  • Cool 50%

Guillaume Giamarchi

Guillaume is our lead software engineer, specialized in Cloud Computing, Openstack and web applications !

Isabelle Verdun

General manager, Isabelle handles daily operations at SDS, as well as human resources, accounting and financial operations.

  • Hard Worker 100%
  • Patience 80%
  • Flexibility 70%

Vicente Tomas

Quality and Assurance Manager, Vicente is our Grand Pa (we can tell it, as he is really). He was our third employee and he manages our production and quality test team !

  • early bird 100%
  • Spanish 100%
  • sage 80%

Sabrina Colautti

Production coordinator, Sabrina is handling production on a daily basis, managing stocks and team task assignment.

  • Positiveness 100%
  • Hard worker 80%
  • Self confident 60%


Our Dog (or Sabrina’s one)  Cooper is specialist in team building and cohesion. As any startups or high tech co we needed something to create our identity and distress us. He is there in any situation (except while he eats)

  • Sleepiness 100%
  • Team builder 80%
  • Hunter 50%

Richard Bedrossian

Financial manager, Richard joint SDS at the early beginning of 2014. This is is first startup experience (or at least on the right side, as he was SDS accounting consultant for our 7 first years), and he discovers how funny and crazy it could be to work in an industry like ours.

  • Numbers 100%
  • Engagement 80%
  • English 20%

Thomas Van Liefde

Lead electrical engineer Farshia is handling electronic and electrical challenge faced by SDS customers, he is a hard worker who might address any challenges.

  • gEDA 80%
  • Altium 50%
  • Hardware debug 50%

Nicolas Million

Q&A engineer, Nicolas is our test engineer. He is chasing bugs, and validate production quality.

  • hot-headed 100%
  • process 80%
  • Football fan 70%

Timely Support

We provide support in a very fast way through email or direct phone communication. Our bi-monthly on site intervention process allows to optimize cost.

Innovative Ideas

With our build from ground development strategy we ends up creating the most disruptive idea. Being in the heart of the Paris-Saclay Campus helps us to transform this idea in working concepts.

Advanced Technology

France and Europe are creating very innovative technologies in aerospace, transportation and energy. We introduced these technologies smoothly into the IT world to address the most difficult challenges.

Clear Communication

Using an open  minded approach it is very easy to communicate with our team. We have an open mind, and open communication process which facilitate project development.

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