Indoor Computing – Traditional Rack compatible

Better legacy hardware through community innovations

Advanced cooling

OCS solutions includes a new cooling technology which is moving away fan parts out of the servers or storage boxes. The fan are grouped within a tray which is located at the back of the Blade chassis. This process simplify the system maintenance, as this critical moving part is available into an N+1 configuration within an easy accessible area, reduce the power consumption by using bigger fans, as well as increase system reliability.

Better management

OCS Blades are configured into a single chassis which can host up to 24 Blades either compute or storage. The chassis is manageable through a single board which is gathering remote management functions, including remote console through serial attachement to each Blades, as well as chassis status.

The remote management board is a full “PC” based architecture and can run open source firmware. OCS project leads (Microsoft) has partially released firmware source code which runs on top of Windows operating system.

An open web protocol based on Rest architecture is also available as well as local console which simplify dramatically the maintenance.

We are setting up our OCS product offering please come back soon

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