Indoor Computing – Open Rack solutions

3 major innovations into a single product line

Innovative power distribution

Open Rack infrastructure is designed to be coupled with a battery rack, which is connected directly to the main building power transformer bypassing the UPS and removing the need of various unnecessary AC/DC or DC/AC power conversions.

The second improvement is inside each rack which contains between 1 to 3 PSU rails to transform three phases input AC current or 48V DC input current into a stable 12V DC current delivered to each servers or storage units through 3bus bars located at the back of the rack. This approach removes AC/DC from servers, improve efficiency, and maintenability.

These improvements increase the total datacenter efficiency by about 15-20%. The tradeoff is that Battery must be placed closed to the compute rack, as it does deliver 48V DC current which can’t be transferred efficiently on a long distance. Horizon is providing design support to colocation datacenter as well as private datacenter owner for global deployment.

21 inches wide

Useable width is 21 inches instead of 19 inches. This value can be divided by 3 allowing the design of servers or modules with a 7 inches standard width. This width increases the total number of ressources on the same line. The additionnal space room can be also used for better cooling efficiency depending on targetted application.

Adaptation plates for “traditionnal equipments” like top of the rack switch are available.

Open Rack exist in global width of 24 to 28 inches including side doors. They can be configured with locking mechanisms, and are tested for seismic area (in that case additionnal hardware is required to tightly attach racks to each other and reinforce the structure).

Front doors are available in a single part or dual part, allowing colocation datacenter to rent half-rack.

Open U

Targetting Free Cooling solution, Open Rack define a new standard in height called Open U. Open U are taller than traditionnal U, as to increase the global volume of fresh air which can get inside a computing unit. A 2 OU system is not compatible with a traditionnal 2U system, but has a much better free cooling capability.

The size of the fan is also bigger, which improve there efficiency, lower there rotation speed and increase there lifetime.  Open rack exist in OU unit, and can be available in 21 or 48 OU, with or without side panel, with or without front door.

Within Open Rack server cabling is perform at the front of the rack as the back is used for power distribution. Increase the thickness of a computing server simplify cabling which is the first source of system failure.

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