Rugged POD

The Challenge

  • Create a computer casing which can store servers, power and network infrastructure.
  • Create a casing which can work in extreme environment (outside in positive temp) without air conditioning and humidity control.
  • Create a casing which is low production cost and easy to industrialize.
  • Remove the need to use a building to store computers.

The Solution

  • Use immersive cooling technology with dielectric mineral oil.
  • Use sealed barrel with fully submerged electronic components inside (mineral oil doesn’t contain water and naturally protect from oxydation ).
  • Use sealed connectors to sustain external connection (power and high speed network).

Unexpected architecture

  • Up to 4 micro ATX motherboard – 10Gbps network
  • 40 liter barrel with Shell DIALA mineral oil (low corrosive solution) or natural ester
  • Up to 48 CPU cores with ECC support (AMD Opteron) or 32 CPU cores with ECC (Intel based)
  • Integrated single power supply (800W)
  • ATX power distribution
  • Easy maintenance through gasket removal

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