Lower your capital expenses !

Consider refurbished Open Hardware equipments from Horizon !

  • Based on Industry Standard Xeon Processor E5 family
  • Up to 16 memory slots to address multiple workloads profile
  • PCIe Gen3 to maximize I/O throughput with a x16 lanes and an OCP mezzanine v1 compliant slots
  • Remote management with IPMI support
  • 1 or 2 drives per board through SATA 3 connections
  • Optimal shared power supply between 2 motherboard chassis
  • 700W maximum total load
  • Dual power source option (48V DC or 200-277V AC)
  • IT cabling at the front
  • Dual fans per board with automatic rotation speed control
  • 21 inches rack compliant

Special launch offering ends in February 2017 !

Contact us for delivery options

Entry Level

  • x2 Intel Xeon 2660 (2.2 Ghz base frequency and 3.0Ghz max frequency)
  • x16 4 GB DDR3 ECC memory module total memory of 64 GB
  • x1 10 Gbps Mellanox Connectx-3 network adapter with SFP+
  • x1 480 GB SSD drive SATA-3 connection with 150 TBW minimum

High End

  • x2 Intel Xeon 2660 (2.2 Ghz base frequency and 3.0Ghz max frequency)
  • x16 16 GB DDR3 ECC memory module total memory of 256 GB
  • x1 10 Gbps Mellanox Connectx-3 network adapter with SFP+
  • x1 480 GB SSD drive SATA-3 connection with 150 TBW minimum

Our prices are VAT / sales tax excluded, and without delivery option. Due to the nature of the server product, servers must be ordered in couples, and comes with rackmount chassis (PSU and fan). Please contact us for additionnal informations. We ship worldwide (please contact us for potential export limitation issue due to regulatories rules). Our limited warranty covers parts only. We do have options to extend it. Volume discount might be available.

Discover Open Hardware at the best price with 1 year limited warranty

Refurbished Open Hardware equipments offer the best pricing option to discover these new technologies developped through a community spirit.

The open development approach, taken by many open hardware projects, allows Horizon Computing Solutions engineering team to have define a very reliable and efficient refurbishing process which allows us to offer a warranty level never achieved on such equipments, offering them a second life. We are also reducing the global CO2 emission of the IT industry by pushing away there recycling phase which is currently a very unefficient process due to the nature of the raw material used to produce IT equipments.

Our standard procedure includes:

  • Full system cleaning and pre-testing
  • BIOS battery replacement and recycling
  • Thermal interface replacement avoiding overheating conditions
  • Brand new memory module installation
  • Brand new storage configuration
  • New fan support as to avoid early fan failure
  • Full burn test and configuration report before shipping

Our 1 year limited warranty includes part replacement with equivalents. Our SSD are three years warranted but limited to there maximum write capacity, and might be replaced by a SSD with the same level of write operations.

Add Capacity

Second hand equipments are really efficients when used in proper conditions and for specific workload situation. Computing technologies are evolving really fast and global throughput from brand new servers within the same power envelop is also progressing fast. As an example:

  • A system with dual Xeon 2660 v1 offers a Spec Int Rate Base 2006 of about 595
  • A system with a dual Xeon 2660 v4 offers a Spec Int Rate Base 2006 of about 1150

All of this within the same power request of about 300W under full load. This performance jump has an impact on when using or not refurbished equipments, as a system equipped with a dual Xeon 2660 v4 will offer roughly a CPU throughput capacity of about x2 the same class of machine produced 3 years ago. It means that the global energy requested to sustain the same throughput with refurbished equipment is about x2 times than with a brand new machine even if we consider the energy needs to produce it.

Refurbished technology is the best way to lower your capital expense (CAPEX) and will have a small impact on your operationnal expense (OPEX) compared to newer technology with the benefit to sustain the effort over the time. In any contidion due to the extreme low CAPEX, you will always benefit from competitive advantages by using refurbished solutions with the proper reconditionning process.

Best financial returns are reached when workload are not CPU load driven but are I/O dependant or memory capacity dependant.

We can mention:

  • Any system where the global average CPU load is lower then 40% like development machines or most IT department servers.
  • Any systems used for applications, like mail servers, backup servers, NAS storage servers.
  • Capacity add on for Cloud applications where VM are using low amount of CPU (less than an average of 40% of CPU load)

Consolidation projects might be an excellent opportunity to evaluate Open Hardware solutions by lowering the acquisition cost of the required equipments and improving the global efficieny of the IT infrastructure used to deliver a specific workload. Open Hardware servers are available in multiple capacities which can be easily adapted to your needs.


We have a great number of options regarding racks from triplet to single rack with doors and locking mechanisms. Get in touch with us as to analyze together which one is the best for your use case !

Additionnal information and quotation request

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