Outdoor Computing

Welcome to your next generation datacenter.

Today’s datacenters are very expensive and complex tools, becoming unaccessible to new market comers, emerging countries and even mid-size owners. They are backbone of the Internet, and deploying them at the right cost with relevant energy manangement is key. This is why we launched an Outdoor computing R&D program.

The first result of this community program released under Open Compute licence is called RuggedPOD.

RuggedPOD is a revolutionary modular computer chassis that doesn’t require any active cooling solutions, like air conditioners or humidity controllers to build datacenters.  It follows the same principles used by the power transformers industry and is based on a sealed tank filled up with organic dielectric oil and electronics to create a new generation of computers.

True Free Cooling

Free cooling is a rare option in datacenter. It does require specific climate, and it relies most of the time on humidity control systems to load the air with fresh water as to decrease air temperature and increase its thermal capacity. Our outdoor computing solution are true free cooling solution and doesn’t require such systems. Their only one constraint is that the system shouldn’t be put in direct sun light as to avoid any over heating conditions.

Everywhere !

Outdoor computing major advantages rely on the fact that you can virtually deploy computers everywhere, including into the most uncommon places. The infrastructure can be also easily moved to disaster area as to put back in place temporary critical resources in a quick way. Associated with eco-energy production, it makes the best solution for rapid deployment in emerging countries where computing ressourcs are scarce.

You can deploy a datacenter in a field, unused parking lot, or building roof depending on your facility management and budget.

Fast and Easy

Outdoor computing can be successfull only if it is addressing major weakness from datacenters including agility. You can deploy RuggedPOD infrastructure in days compared to months. Our outdoor computing solutions are pre-assembled and tested, which accelerate there deployment, and are ready to use. You can easily move them for better flexibility, and easily address peak demands.


Our outdoor computing solutions rely on industry standard. We believe this is the best way to protect your investment. Using standard components will also help you to reuse our chassis from generation to generation lowering your gradually your cost.

We are currently supporting motherboards with a mini ITX and micro ATX form factor.

Eco friendly

100% of the electricity brought to an outdoor computing system designed by Horizon Computing is used by internal electronic devices. Systems are designed be fully recyclable, with a low power consumption in mind and include an advanced remote management board. Cooling is performed through natural convection.

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