Why Open Compute ?

Why us ?

Horizon Computing Solutions is an Open Compute Gold Member.

We work actively inside the Open Compute community and we are proud to make progress, develop and enhance Open Compute hardware solutions. We are not the only one, but we are strongly believing that IT upcoming challenges need to be addressed through community work and by sharing scientific results to progress as fast as the market demands.

This is why we are publishing everything that we do, and will do it for ever. We are also supporting strongly community projects driven by multiple members as to enhance collaborations, and most of our engineering ressources are involved into such projects.

Open Compute as a non profit foundation is the ideal umbrella for such activities, by providing proper licensing on the same model than GNU in software.

We do not produce anything, we are designing things. The products you will find on our website are produced by our partners like Jabil who has manufacturing capabilities in Europe. We know how they works and how they have been designed.

We are Open.

Our full R&D is performed under OCP license or GPL when we speak about software. You can influence us, come and participate. Everything is open as long as you do respect our team work approach. We are organizing meetup very frequently (normally every 2 weeks), during which we speak about current projects, upcoming designs and share our concerns about technologies.

We provide consulting, design adaptations, and are able to design your killing architecture in a quick manner. We drive, two of the most disruptive projects, which are RuggedPOD and DaaP. If we do not have the full ressources, we will find it for you within the local community.

We build tools !

Community design hardware is a new paradigm for the IT industry. Teams are split everywhere in the world and we need to redefine the way people are working together as we are extremelly spread. This is why we are investing a lot in tools development, and try to identify as much as possible potential partners who might bring the best tools.

We are driving the qyshare project, which is a VM that intends to gather the required IT tools needed to design a computer from scratch. This tool is under active development, and needs your feedback and help ! The stack is released under GPL.

And you will always received a warm welcome from Cooper !

even warmer if you come with a ball or some food (no sugar for Cooper please)

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