When OCP gear meet state of the art colocation datacenter in Europe

When OCP gear meet state of the art colocation datacenter in Europe

Yesterday was the grand opening of the Next Generation datacenter at DATA4 on their big campus of data centers, near Paris.

We have had the opportunity to setup into this room the first racks which are a perfect match with this new generation of colocation space, that does support as standard features:

  • Concrete floor
  • Free Cooling
  • Cable distribution through ceiling.

Remind you anything ? That is super closed to the core architecture needs that as a community we promote for many years into the Open Compute Project. The stingray racks we setup have found a new home, which is suiting perfectly their needs. DATA4 has made a tremendous job into this building by adapting there patented cooling technology to Free Cooling which is promising excellent PUE for a colocation space.

We are scheduling to extend the setup shortly, that we will be using to promote open hardware (people willing to discover this site can get in touch with us), and support Open Source project development. The computing cycle ran there will be dedicated to software development like FreeCAD or ohub. Want see more https://lnkd.in/etpCxUA


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