Horizon configurator v2, the easiest way to consume IT Open Hardware !

Horizon configurator v2, the easiest way to consume IT Open Hardware !

We are extremely happy and proud to bring this new version to the Open Hardware community. Our configurator tool has been enhanced to facilitate navigation and understanding on how to get instant quote at server, racks and data center room level.


We included a new step while creating a new server, by directly browsing product catalog


And we have included refurbished hardware. Horizon is a strong supporter of the idea that refurbished IT equipment might see a futur as efficient as in the car industry. There are 2 main reasons for that:

  • Core performance increase is slowing since a decade now to the benefit of parallelism and higher core count. Systems are balanced at I/O level, and refurbished servers do support the same I/O technologies than latest systems (PCIe Gen3)
  • High capex is a showstopper to many cloud providers who have a business model based on monthly fee to recover there cost. Providing low CAPEX infrastructure help them to grow faster without the hard wall of pre-financing.

We developped a state of art refurbishing process which allows us to provide the same level of services than on brand new equipments.

windmill triplet

Refurbished equipments are proposed in a built to order process, goes through full burn test and delivered in industry standard Triplet racks or Open Rack depending on system configuration.

It has never been so easy to consume Open Hardware, and get initial cost, without the strong issue of price negotiation. Just try our new sales workflow !


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