RuggedPOD prototype 6 months (or closed to) later …

RuggedPOD prototype 6 months (or closed to) later …

We are extremely happy to report some very good results from our RuggedPOD prototype standing on our building Roof in Paris area France. We booted that machine in October 2016 and didn’t had to run maintenance on it since that time.

Our biggest worry, keeping the internal pressure low is now gone. As you can see through the live inner pressure curve it stands bellow -50 (which means -0.5Bar) keeping the oil bellow the threshold to keep it in safe condition. As a quick reminder RuggedPOD is a vacuum box which cools electronic equipment by using organic oil as coolant, replacing the traditionnal air used in most datacenter. By using oil, we remove the need to control the air humidity the latest physical parameter which requires energy in Free Cooling environment.

These results make RuggedPOD one of the first DC which can sustain a PUE of 1 during extremely long period reducing energy footprint of IT equipment, and accelerating there deployment everywhere around the world.

RuggedPOD is a community project and you can get involved at . The tool used to designs the POD are opensource solutions based on FreeCAD and KiCAD.


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