ohub at OCP Summit 2017

ohub at OCP Summit 2017

The ohub project is part of the Open Compute Toolchain sub group announced in december 2017. It is a contribution driven by Horizon Computing Solution which aims to create a backend infrastructure as to interconnect CAD and EDA tools to expand sharing capabilities and community spirit during Open Hardware design.

The technology is fully based on Open Source software but can be expanded with proprietary tools through the use of a standard ReST API. First implementation driven by Horizon relies on many Open Source technologies like node-occ, OpenCascade, FreeCAD for 3D tools, sails, node.js for Javascript server backend, and linux as core operating system for the server.

The workflow is set to be very innovative regarding Open Hardware design, as engineers can draw there hardware with tool like FreeCAD or KiCAD, and automatically publish them through a web interface, where observers and end user can provide feedback to the design team within knowing anything regarding engineering tools used, creating an interactive workflow. A project leader is committing or rejecting changes, while the system kept track of the various changes.

A  basic mockup of the technology is going to be displayed during the next Open Compute Summit. Join us to pursue this revolution and make Open Hardware rely on Open Source software !


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