First Horizon value servers are shipping out !

First Horizon value servers are shipping out !

We are shipping tomorrow our first horizon value servers. They are based on our refurbishing process applied to Windmill servers designed by Facebook within the Open Compute Project. These servers are offering a massiveĀ  capital expense drop compared to brand new systems and keep very attractive processing capabilities with the slow down of processor core enhancement from generation to generation.

Refurbished market has been a parallel market for many years in IT. With the expansion of Open Hardware, we believe that this is a great opportunity to end users who are looking for the best option based on tight budget and willing to keep the same level of service ability than traditionnal equipments. Open Hardware offers the opportunity to expand product lifecycle through public access to engineering related documents allowing to properly manage repair and enhancements operations for many years, reducing the IT impact on our planet.

Every Horizon value servers went through our state of the art refurbishing process which includes, system BIOS battery replacement, motherboard and electronics component cleaning, thermal grease change, fan support swap, and multiple hardware check validation. They went through a software burn test and analysis tool, as to allow Horizon to provide to its end user a free 1 year parts limited warranty with any servers. When a failure is detected everything is put in place to repair the equipment at its maximum level of performances to ensure user experience and product longevity.

The first batch includes 50 servers, equipped with Xeon 2660 CPU, 128 GB of DDR3 1600Mhz ECC RAM, a 10 Gbps Ethernet adapter and 525 GB SSD drives. We are expecting to ramp up this offering during the first quarter of 2017. More informations available by contacting us at Pricing available here

This offer will enter our build to order website dedicated to Open Hardware in Q1 2017.


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