Is the POD breathing ?

Is the POD breathing ?

As you are soon aware we deployed a POD during the latest week in our office building roof. First results are coming up and are in some way really interesting to see and discover. First of all everything runs smoothly and that is a great news for this long last running Open Hardware project. You can now get access to the real time information of our POD just right there !

This link is currently reporting live internal pressure from our POD. What is great is that you can evaluate Paris weather with it as during the night cold is coming up and is contracting the remaining gaz into the POD which is lowering the internal pressure. During daylight it is ramping up back. The pressure system is currently stable enought to start deploying electronic equipment with our 5G antenna and microdatacenter solution. We are very excited currently after this very long period of design. Congrats to the community and do not hesitate to get in touch with it through ruggedpod website

Pressure is given by a numeric manometer connected to a computer through an Arduino board to read data. Vacuum plumbing has been set up from the lab up to the roof (thanks to Maxime and Solofo for helping us).

Below, pictures of the lab installation



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