Need to know – Power 8 Barreleye OCP systems from Rackspace are becoming alive

Need to know – Power 8 Barreleye OCP systems from Rackspace are becoming alive

Part of our team had the opportunity to meet senior Rackspace engineering people in San Antonio last week to talk about Barreleye project announced a few months ago .

The project made some terrific progress and systems are now at PVT stage, which means we can probably expect some of them for end user delivery by the end of 2016 or really early in 2017. Barreleye is based on IBM impressive Power8 chip which support up to 192 simultaneous threads per chip as well as SR-IOV for virtualization. Memory bandwidth is the critical path of the system as to be able to deliver expected performances and IBM has developped to address this issue an off chip L4 cache subsystem which can deliver up to 200GB/s of memory bandwidth to the chip about 4 times what the fastest Intel Xeon is able to perfom with a massive size of about 200MB.

Barreleye support 2 Power 8 chip with a sliding storage box applying the same design concept than hatrick without its delays. Drives are hot-pluggables. An I/O board is available at the front of the system where an OCP v2 mezzanine card can be plugged ! The Barreleye chassis is compliant with Open Rack and requires 3 bus bars. It can be associated to a lab debugging tool called lunchbox to perform early testing of boxes before racking them. Total height of a system is 1.25 OpenU, and power request when fully loaded about 1.2kW.

The project has been proposed to IC for full integration within the Open Compute project.  Based on Power8, the project is also backed up by the OpenPower project where other Internet giants are involved like Google.

Want to know more and stay tune ? Just register to our sales platform and we will keep you updated on project futur, availibility and pricing !


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    We would like to have information about Barreleye Lunchbox power supply.
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