Open Hardware quotation tool beta goes live !

Open Hardware quotation tool beta goes live !

Open Hardware design is at the heart of Horizon. Helping people to consume open hardware as to help communities to improve there design and receive the support they deserve is part of our mission. That is why we are really excited today to open our beta program of our quotation tools which aims to simplify Open Hardware acquisition by getting instant quotations, and manage purchasing through a modern web interface. Our goal is to push the limit of purchasing act to things as simple to a couple of clicks as to build up a global datacenter, while most of traditionnal vendors are still hiding there prices, or are still providing huge price differences between SMBs and major accounts. We are providing single price to everybody, and the maximum discount rate you might expect will be in the lower single digit, only because we want to fulfill your needs with the best pricing at the first stage.

Even if our beta program is soon providing you aggressive price, we will work during the time with our suppliers to lower them up to the day we will fully open the tool.

You might now be able to login at and have a look at how much your next generation open hardware solution will cost you wherever you are an SMB, a Cloud provider or industrial end user.


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