RuggedPOD Telco Field test

The ARCEP (The french regulatory Telecom Agency) has approved the request performed by Splitted-Desktop Systems, Horizon Computing brand owner, to start a field trial of the technology that the company support and  develop through a collaborative manner into the Telecom Infra Project and the Open Compute Project Telecom group: the ruggedpod project

The aim of this trial is to demonstrate the capabilities of a server  programmable infrastructure to drive a 4G/Telecom network. To achieve this goal, RuggedPOD will be associated to the Amarisoft LTE stack and AW2S amplifiers. 3 Macro cell sites can be turned on  during the trial to cover the Paris-Saclay campus.

The main benefits to switch from proprietary hardware infrastructure to software  stand into the capabilities to extand services at the edge of the network, reduce network latency and backhaul constraints by caching high frequency used datas or running local traffic analysis, as well as improve user experience, and create new business model for Telco operators which will have the capabilities to open there network to service companies.

Based on x86 legacy hardware, the infrastructure cost is also drastically reduced, opening the access to such technology to emerging countries where Internet access migth be difficult due to cost purpose.


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