Change the world, join us at next OCP summit by winning your ticket with your most innovative idea

Change the world, join us at next OCP summit by winning your ticket with your most innovative idea

As part of the RuggedPOD community, and a proud member of the Open Compute Project, Horizon Computing Solution (a Splitted-Desktop Systems brand) would like to award a team to come and join us at the summit in San Jose, CA on March 9th and 10th. We are doing this because we strongly believe in Open Hardware community values and the need to teach, educate and share the knowledge / lessons we have acquired during RuggedPOD project.

Our intent is to increase the number of engineers who are working under the OCP license, bring them the ecosystem that they need to work commonly, and develop the best hardware infrastructure to reduce the footprint of datacenters and associated IT as much as possible.

One of our key concerns is to also on provide the relevant knowledge on hardware design to students and engineers who are not part of the IT community but could provide excellent feedback and different perspectives on how improvements can be made.

Since our company is relatively small and as a consequence we have limited financial resources, our commitment to the winner is a somewhat modest $3,000. The winner could use the award to join the team and explain his/her concept at the OCP summit and / or to prototype any related concept.

The judging will be made by RuggedPOD community members. Since the Summit is in the beginning of March, the winner will be announced the last week of February.

You can participate by sending us a team presentation (with a way to contact you, and a quick background summary), a technical description of your project in English (not to exceed 5 pages), and any related drawings and targeted technical improvements on:

- Either RuggedPOD project
- or any OCP related solutions

Send your application to You can also discuss your application publicly on OCP mailing lists to build up your team with existing members.

Your application must be released under an Open Source license and a Creative Common license for the documentation. We intend to publish your idea on the RuggedPOD project website and/or Horizon Computing website. Be sure to clearly specify your license choice within the application otherwise we will not be able to accept the submission.

Feel free to ping us if you have any questions!



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