Getting access to a #RuggedPOD from #horizon_cs

Getting access to a #RuggedPOD from #horizon_cs

Because it is important in community project to get access to early hardware as to develop, debug and test new concepts, Horizon Computing Solutions, a Splitted-Desktop Systems brand has decided to bring access to a developer kit of RuggedPOD through the internet (an OCP licensed project). This access if free of charge to any RuggedPOD community member, and any people who want to get involved into this project that we are supporting. It does include:

  • A Raspberry PI 2 remote management board with RuggedPOD software image installed. (This is under heavy dev so expect bugs, but feel free to report them to team(at)
  • A RuggedPOD back plane with 4 blade slots, with remote console (serial access), remote power on/off, remote reset, and current sensors features
  • A local ethernet switch

We will try to keep this configuration up and running as much as possible, but keep in mind this is a developer platform, so do expect time where you will experience system crash. There is currently only 1 Blade plugged in, which do support PXE boot, and remote console redirection.

Want get an account ? -> team(at)

Want have a look ->     ->  admin/admin


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