A new #RuggedPOD is coming up

A new #RuggedPOD is coming up

Following the various testing we ran with the first generation of RuggedPOD prototype, a new POD is coming up and fixes most of the issues observed on RuggedPOD v1 design. This design has been performed with the RuggedPOD Community and will be displayed next week during our quarterly engineering workshop in Milano. It will stay at Enter.

What’s new ?

The top cover is now available. It does include handles for transportation, as well as I/O shielding to provide various system configuration.

Wider panels. We improved the core size of the cooling cell from each panel, as to reach 1kW thermal power efficiency. The first generation was experiencing some limitations around 600W. The new panel have a total thickness of 10 cm. We also changed the soldering junction between the panel. Our early implementation was using trapezoidal shape, while we came back to something more convenient (rectangular).



The panel are also supporting now mechanical support functions. Our first implementation was using an internal gasket to support electronic elements. The gasket was not properly locked, and we decided on the new version to implement retention systems on panels as to improve locking mechanisms.







The panel are still based on alveolar structure, to benefit from windy condition. We increased the cell size from 18 mm to 25 mm to lower weight and improve convection efficiency.







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