First cellular #RuggedPOD tank at #Horizon_cs office

First cellular #RuggedPOD tank at #Horizon_cs office

We received our made in France cellular first RuggedPOD tank this morning. The quality of the design is reaching our expectations and safety has been properly handled. The edges of the hexagonal cells could had been sharp, but our sub contractor has made an amazing job. You can see that the tank is little bit bigger than the traditionnal RuggedPOD as to simplify early testing and debugging. This tank is fully sealed, and light against traditionnal fins technology. Our first estimations showed us that using extrusion tooling will have ended up to tank reaching up to 35 Kgs empty, while this one is little bit less than 19 kgs.

We will share it with the RuggedPOD community as to further debug it and enhance it. This tank will be on our booth during the next OCP Summit in San Jose

Thanks to Farshia, from Horizon engineering team to present you the tank and give you a rough idea of the final size ! We will post better quality image and running videos during the week-end and early next week.


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