How much will cost your next datacenter ?

How much will cost your next datacenter ?

With an average cost of 7-10 US$ per Watt datacenter are probably the most expensive building used by SMB’s and corporation. It is now possible to evaluate such cost through online tools like the one proposed by Schneider Electric. Unfortunatly such offers requires good capabilities to predict futur activities as datacenter are not flexible and build to last at least 10 years. New market comer like Etix Everywhere are introducing modularity but without strong cost savings keeping the Datacenter cost within the 7-10 US$ per Watt cost with a PUE starting at 1.3.

Outdoor computing fomr Horizon offers small granularity with capacity to grew up kW per kW, and saves building cost. End users still have to deploy some infrastructure like backup power generators, redundant power distribution, networking and some fire protection. But due to the building block approach used by the technology, investments might be performed with the highest granularity helping its end user to save money. Removing the building need, ideal PUE of 1, and lower material need, Outdoor computing is the only one solution able to reach Datacenter cost between 3-5 US$ per Watt with the same level of protection than traditionnal datacenter technology.

Do not hesitate to contact our engineering team (contact(at) if you are thinking about setting up your next generation datacenter, we will help you to discover the tremendous advantages that outdoor computing might bring you.


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