Why outdoor Computing ?

Why outdoor Computing ?

This week has been very intensive at Horizon, as we officially launched our Outdoor computing program. But why ? Simply because we believe that going outdoor might be the best technology evolution that could allow to easily expand datacenter in the near futur.

Datacenters are mandatory tools to handle data flow generated by consumer devices as well as corporations. Unfortunatly they are a very expensives tool, and requires a massive amount of energy. There setup is long, and dismantling them requires a lot of efforts.

Part of our engineers have initiated the RuggedPOD project and successfully setup a small community of talented engineers in France to prove that this concept could work at prototype level. The next step was to start up product industrialization, and this is what we announced this week. Pre orders are available through a crowdfunding campaign where you can get early access to this technology at a very good bargain. Just go there

Outdoor computing allows to:

  • Setup Computing ressources EVERYWHERE
  • Deploy computing ressrouces in a FAST & EASY way
  • provide an ECO FRIENDLY computing resources setup
  • stay STANDARD

And probably the most important to you, SAVE MONEY, by cutting datacenter setup cost by x10. Stay in touch with us, and follow this project which will have a great futur. You can support us, you will not only support Horizon but the whole community which is behind it and spend week-ends and night improving this technology. They need your support !


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