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As Splitted-Desktop Systems (SDS) Cloud brand we do provide optimized hardware architecture to run your customer cloud or your cloud in a much greener manner than ever. We do invest in collaborative projects and any of our developments are performed under an Open License. When we focus on hardware we work under OCP licenses, while our software are released under GPL v2.

Outdoor Computing

Indoor Computing

RuggedPOD is an outdoor chassis solution which is fully designed under an OCP license. The community is mostly based in France. The project targets to reach a PUE of 1, easy deployment in emerging countries, and to accelerate computing ressources deployment where required. It is currently driven by Horizon Computing.

DaaP is a new kind of server. The system does includes low cost high energy efficiency laptop based microprocessors from AMD and APM, without decreasing security (ECC is fully supported) and stability. It is driven by an high speed fabric based on PCIe reducing total cost of production to less than 500 $US per node. It is released under OCP license and driven by Horizon Computing.

qyshare is a set of tools which are pre-configured within a VM. It intends to put in place everything needed to develop hardware project in a collaborative manner emphasing on team work. It does include a lot of tools like a pre-configured website for communication, file sharing, email, project management and so on. It is released under GPL license, and driven by Horizon Computing.

Sharing knowledge is key to improve science. When you participate to an open project you can share your ideas with a development team which can improve its knowledge and the technology that it designs. While being an active member you can be part of a human adventure where you can learn a lot. You can also participate through sponsoring as to sustain prototypes development !

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